Event Promotion

Deliver your marketing material in a high-volume, non-threatening channel

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Why use this channel?

One of the advantages that our clients love about this channel is that it is easier for them to present their marketing materials and message in a non-threatening but high volume channel.

Similar to the Face-to-Face channel the volume of people that they speak with is in the vicinity of 120 to 150 people per day. With a higher strike rate of 1 in 20 likely in this channel there is usually a decent volume of willing customers.

The quasi-retail environment conveys credibility and gives the sales team exposure to a solid volume of potential buying traffic.

Why Event Promotion?

Our “paid site” or “events” teams operate under a quasi-retail environment in both large and local shopping centres and malls.

All Trinity Marketing teams are very experienced in working with displays and demonstration materials. They are also constantly using their refined skills engaging in the highly developed techniques required to gain the attention of patrons within this closely monitored and often restrictive environment.

Some of the key advantages of using this channel are;

  • You are talking to people who are in a buying/shopping mindset
  • Clients have the opportunity for branding space (Banners, Displays and Demonstrations)
  • There is usually a good steady stream of potential customer volume going through the centre
  • It is a great channel for us to train, monitor and build sales techniques

Use event promotion to increase your sales

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