Door-to-Door Canvassing

Door-to-Door sales has so many benefits due to the nature of where the engagement happens

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High-volume Results

Door-to-Door sales is not a new innovation – the practice has been around for centuries; however the landscape in which we now operate has changed and compliance is king.

Trinity Marketing are proven industry leaders in delivering high volume results, intuitive market knowledge combined with modern data and technology. This enables our clients to receive a result above industry averages in both quantity and quality of sales. We are an experienced solution provider in both Metropolitan and Regional markets.

Door-to-Door sales has so many benefits due to the nature of where the engagement happens. While the numbers are a bit different on a volume level than what is experienced with Face to Face and Event Sales, Door-to-Door continues to deliver and out perform other channels to markets.

Door-to-Door Agents

Each day our agents will arrive on the field around lunchtime. Each agent is assigned with a territory equal to between 80 and 100 homes. They will then go through their assigned territory for the first lap of the day. While going through the area during the day they record which of the homes are vacant. It is on this first lap that they tend to speak to pensioners and shift workers. The 2nd lap usually occurs around 3 to 4pm at which time they will talk to parents returning home from school pick up and others who they may have missed on the first lap of the territory.

The final lap of the day or the “prime time” lap is when the agents will make contact with the few remaining houses – which in most cases are the residents who are returning from work for the day.

Unlike the other channels to market, it is likely that a door-to-door agent will only speak with around 30 to 40 people per day. With an average of 1 in 15 sales going through the strike rate is better but with a lower volume of people seen per day, the sales are usually good quality but with a lower quantity.

As the customers (or donors) are in a home environment where they feel more comfortable the likelihood of sales is increased..

This combined with the ability to take time and go through a more detailed and informative presentation adds to the credibility of Door-to-Door sales as a channel to market.

Door-to-Door canvassing can boost your sales

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