Thinking About a Career in Sales? Here is Some Advice From Our Team

November 23, 2020

1.    If you want a head start in life with any career you choose in the future, do sales for 6 months

Working in sales can give you tons of skills that are useful across many industries and careers. Working in sales can help with your communication and public speaking skills.

2.    How much work you put into the job is how much you’ll get out of the job.

 Working in sales can be the easiest, highest paid job you will ever do, or it will be the hardest, lowest paying job but that is completely up to you. The more motivation and the more enthusiasm you have towards your job, the easier it will to be successful.

3.    Working in the sales industry is like a rollercoaster.

Working in sales has many ups and downs. Learning to manage the low points can help you learn and develop into a better salesperson. As you become more experienced, you are able to manage the highs and the lows easier and become a successful salesperson.

4.    Ask questions, learn from your mentors

One of the best ways to become a successful salesperson is to learn from your team ask lots of questions.Learning from people who have lots of experience can help you.

5.    Take Risks

We tend to be a little hesitant or scared to take risks, but you never want to be in a position where you are asking yourself “what if?” If you want to see your career in sales grow, get out of your comfort zone try something new. It is true, you may fail but you’ll never wonder “what if?”


Created by Clodagh Whelan on

November 23, 2020