Myths About the Sales Industry

November 13, 2020

1.    You have to be an extrovert to do sales

Many people believe people in sales were “born and not made” but this is a huge misconception. Really anyone interested and motivated to do sales can be successful. It is a skill that is learned and can be developed, like anything else. Sales can help you build confidence and even the shyest of people can come out of their shells and become a very successful salesperson. Sales doesn’t care how educated you are, if you are male or female, it all comes down to your work ethic and ambition. 

2.    Sales isn’t “real work”

This myth is just completely false. People in saleswork hard every day to meet targets and represent the clients in a meaningful way. Being a successful salesperson takes hard work and ambition. There are many aspects that go into the sales industry than what is seen on the service as well.

3.    Door-to-door sales is like begging

Door-to-door sales is a great way to reach more people in the market and get your organization more engaged with people in your community. When a sales rep knocks on your door, they are not begging for your support, they are there to inform you and reach a different demographic that normal marketing might not reach.

4.    Sales is a dead-end job

The sales industry offers tons opportunity for growth and development. Sales also allows you to hone your skills in many areas that could apply to a range of other industries as well. Many of Trinity’s sales partners and CEOs started with small sales role which developed into long and successful careers.

5.    Sales is all about numbers

Sales is much more than just a numbers game.Building relationships and providing good customer service to your clients is a major part of outsourced sales that shouldn’t be ignored. will help build a strong reputation. Whether you are doing sales calls, door-to-door sales,street sales, you are showing that your organization is out there. You can build awareness, learn more about the wants of people in your community, and adapt.


Created by Clodagh Whelan on

November 13, 2020