Trinity Marketing comfortably sit at a 2.5 piece average without compromising on quality

Our Focus on Training

At the core of Trinity Marketing’s competency is the focus on training and development for the agents engaged. The core culture embraced by Trinity Marketing is that the agents are the charity and they are encouraged to be a part of the cause in anyway possible. This includes participation in program visits, where organised by the charity.

Training involves the first full day intensive training based on client objectives and campaign information. Trinity Marketing has invested substantial funds on implementing the right training methods to increase the daily average per agent.

We know that our performance is intrinsically linked to our focus on sales training rather than promoting a long-term career prospect to new inductees.

It is because of our confidence in our training systems that we are confident in paying out more to the field on fixed remuneration.

Our initial training is then followed up by sales technique training, which has been internationally recognised as a high performing sales training course.

The agents are “buddied up” with an experienced team leader for their initial training period. This is done in collaboration with certified training institutes to ensure a legitimate career path for fundraisers.

The Trinity Marketing culture is focussed on development. Each agent has the opportunity to develop their career into leadership and management through a set criterion of performance and productivity milestones.

This focus on training results in a loyal workforce with reduced turnover, higher quality pledges, lower attrition and fewer fluctuations in sales results.

The NexGen Summit

The NexGen Summit was created as a bi-annual training seminar in each country for our Sales Agents. This is an opportunity where we are able to upskill our team with exceptional education and high-performance coaching.

At every NexGen Summit we are honoured to host some amazing guest speakers who are true professionals in their league. Every attendee becomes a member of the NexGen Tribe where you are invited to join an online community of like-minded individuals who receive ongoing training and development.

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