Administration and Operational Processes.

Account Management

Each client will receive a dedicated account manager. Each campaign will have assigned a single point of contact for daily operational requirements, in addition, Euro has a group of specialists who will be available to support the campaign. These specialists include our; Quality Assurance Manager – who will respond to any complaints and drill down on issues faced with quality and performance.

Administration & Operational Processes

Trinity Marketing transfer donor data each Monday via SFTP, protected email or any authorized and agreed PCI compliant process

The donors on this file have received two forms of verification;


Bank Detail verification


Verbal verification

This verification is conducted prior to the data file being presented to our clients.

Trinity Marketing intends to verify 70% of the file prior to sending through to our clients. The verification call has proved essential in providing several key benefits such as improving the commitment and understanding of the donors as well as providing immediate feedback and transparency regarding the agent.

Operational Processes

Technology allows the processing of forms to be done with more speed, accuracy and compliance than ever before. Where possible it is the preference of Trinity to have our campaigns active using the iPad solution.

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