Our experience has led us to focus on developing a broad skill set to ensure our clients’ expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Why Clients Love Working With Us

Agents are paid on a base and incentives

To reduce the over zealous behaviour of agents and help them stay focussed on delivering the key messages of the client. This also assists in preserving the IP invested in agents and lower agent turnover.

Campaign Assimilation

Working beyond the requirements of our formal agreement, Trinity will strive to ensure that the relationship is not only harmonious but seamless in our integration of delivering on your mission and your goals for the campaign. We also embrace wearing charity branded apparel.

Personalised Complaint Handling

Although Trinity Marketing have a complaint ratio less than 0.001% of contacts – escalated complaints will be dealt with by the director of the company personally and all complaints are handled within 48 hours.

Our Training Outcomes = Consistent Results

Our focus is delivering results to our clients, when we commit to hit targets – we hit the target. We work tirelessly to ensure the targets set are reasonable and achievable and then work hard to ensure we make target.

Innovation and Flexibility

Since it’s inception, Trinity Marketing have been instrumental in implementing products, systems and approaches that are now commonplace. With a new focus on technology and broader channels to market such as inbound and outbound telesales, Internet marketing and social media campaigns. Our ability to work with our clients on the bigger picture is often a welcome and refreshing change.


To assist clients in having quality data from the point of collection and donor commitment, Trinity use industry leading software application Waysact/Evergiving to ensure high quality data capture.

Immediate Verification

Trinity will attempt to contact a minimum of 70% of donors within a 48 -hour period (or next business day), this allows for immediate training issues to be feedback to the agents and donor dissonance to be reduced.

Compliant Engagement Model

Each individual is engaged through best practice agreements to ensure that all legal entitlements (including Tax, Insurance and Super/Pension Funds) can be covered and allow compliance with all regulatory bodies such as Charities Instiutie Ireland (CII), Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and Fundraising Regulator.

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