Compliance is king at Trinity Marketing.


Compliance is king to Trinity Marketing. From the engagement model used to recruit and pay the agents, the discipline and complaint process, through to the compliant transfer of data, compliance with all applicable government and industry legislation, and codes of conduct strictly adhered to.

This includes in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kindom:

  • Charities Institue Ireland

  • Institute of Fundraising

  • Fundraising Regulator

  • Information Commissioner’s Office

  • General Data Protection Regulation

  • Modern Slavery Act 2018

  • Employment Equality Acts, 1998 - 2015

Public Liability insurance up to €5,000,000.00 has been secured and a certificate of currency can be supplied on request.

All Markets

Trinity Marketing is approved at PCI DSS level SAQ - A and will work with client processes to ensure best practice in this area.

We also work to ensure that we obtain the necessary fundraising or solicitation permits. We will also only work with clients who are members of self-regulatory bodies such as the Charities Institue Ireland in The Republic of Ireland and Institute of Fundraising in The United Kingdom.


Trinity Marketing Group has an experienced board of advisors that are connected in Finance, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Industrial Relations, Law and Politics. Our board meetings are monthly and ensure accountability for key directives.

The Trinity Marketing Group is audited annually.


Workforce Compliance

Since 2017 Trinity Marketing started using a full-time annualised salary for our fundraising teams. The last of the teams migrated to full-time employment by the end of 2017.

The structure is that each Marketing Company that Trinity Marketing engages agrees to use an employment structure approved by our legal and HR team. At the very least these structures will cover more than a minimum wage requirement.

At present, 100% of Trinity Marketing’s teams use a full-time annualised salary structure for their teams. The award used is the Employment Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2018. We then add a 10% buffer to this award to cover for any incremental increases and reasonable overtime.

In addition, each fundraiser is supplied with an IFA (Individual Flexibility Agreement) which outlines their bonus structure and career progression bonuses based on net donor performance or team building expertise.

Each fundraiser is covered through the Workplace Relation Commission (WRC) standards that is involved in the award which deems coverage such as All PAYE or PRSI required to be paid is adhered to and other entitlements.

Trinity Marketing conducts an annual audit on each of the Marketing Companies used. engage a third-party HR specialist firm to work with each Marketing Company to ensure correct recruitment, induction and management processes are in place.

Our approach to the market comes with years of experience and thousands of dollars of investment in legal advice. From a bird’s eye perspective our workforce strategy is to:

  1. Be compliant with Fair Work Ombudsmen,
  2. Provide an effective outcome for our clients through a motivated workforce and
  3. Allow our workforce to be rewarded for results and motivated to provide a quality solution for our clients and us.

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